We are… your "clean-up professionals".

We serve our customers as experts in water damage, mold remediation, and sewage backup. Having first hand experience in the other disciplines aides in our ability to discover the cause of problems and properly deal with them to prevent another. It is unfortunately all too common that we are called to handle a mold problem after another company improperly handled a water or sewage problem.

Water Damage

Aura Restoration Services brings decades of experience to your Water Related emergency. Finding water in the basement or elsewhere in your home is the first step toward fixing the problem. Read on for more info or contact us to learn more:

Time is NOT on Your Side!

Aura Restoration Services provides 24/7 service simply because time matters! Water is relentless, and the longer it is allowed to sit, the more damage it will do to your belongings. If you are currently facing a water damage emergency, we urge you to not wait... contact us now for a no commitment, free evaluation at (416) 660-1484.

Attention To Detail

No matter the size or scope of the water damage you have sustained, we take all water related emergencies with an equal level of attention and care.

The Process

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to offer instant response. We arrive to your home or business ready to handle all water or sewage damage situations regardless of the size.

  • Assessment & Survey Of Water Damage/Flooding
  • Removal of valuables so they are kept clean during process.
  • Remove all traces of standing water.
  • If there is any secondary damage, we will remove any bacteria due to the water damage.
  • Next, we stabilize the moist and damp environment by using large air dehumidifiers and air movers to suck out the damp air that can cause further growth of mold and mildew. Fresh and dry air is blown back into the environment to stabilize and dry the air further.
  • Carpets & flooring is replaced and all surfaces are cleaned and dried.
  • Proper decontamination and sanitation techniques utilized to make sure area is clean.
  • When the water damage process is completed, your valuables will be returned to their original surroundings.

Effectively removing water from your home or business usually follows these distinct steps. Proper execution of each step will mean the difference between resolving the water situation with little or no after effect, or having structural damage, recurring leak, and even health issues due to improper drying and sanitizing.

  • Water Extraction: Aura Restoration Services servicemen come equipped with both truck mounted and portable water extraction units to help quickly and effectively pump out any standing water found in your home or business.

  • Dehumidifying and Drying: After any standing water has been removed and any leaks have been identified and repaired, Aura Restoration Services utilizes powerful dehumidifiers to 'wick' the added moisture that remains in the air. Additionally, we utilize state-of-the-art air movers, that not only move a tremendous amount of air to speed along the drying process, but also continually adjust the temperature and humidity to reduce or eliminate any warping, swelling, or cracking of floors, walls, and furniture.

  • Sanitizing and Odour Removal: During and after the drying process, the Aura Restoration Services team will disinfect and sanitize the affected area. Properly identifying and treating the potential sanitary problems BEFORE they become significant health problems is paramount to this process. Finally, Aura Restoration Services will eliminate odours that may exist from the sustained water damage.

It is the job of Aura Restoration Services to minimize the damage by:

  •    Promptly taking action
  •    Restoring contents and structure to pre-flooding condition as is humanly possible

With today’s techniques, it is possible to restore many water damaged carpets, contents and structural materials to pre-loss condition.


Aura Restoration Services continually researches and invests in the newest and most reliable extraction, drying, and sanitizing equipment available.


We provide direct insurance billing helping to alleviate as much stress as possible.

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