Asbestos Testing

We are dedicated to providing affordable and dependable asbestos inspections in Mississauga, Brampton and teh GTA for both residential and commercial clients. Improper attempts to remove asbestos can release dangerous fibers into the air which can create severe health risks. That is why it is essential to have your asbestos testing performed by an experienced professional with the right equipment.

Asbestos testing is the only way to determine the presence of this toxic substance in residential or commercial buildings. Before the health hazards of asbestos were known, it was used in a number of industries and can, therefore, be found in hot water pipe insulation, roofing and siding shingles, wall and attic insulation, vinyl floor tiles, etc. in homes or offices that are more than 30 years old. Ask for a professional asbestos inspection to find out if you are being exposed to this deadly carcinogen (a substance that causes cancer).

Why you need professional asbestos testing services:

Aura Restoration services provides certified asbestos testing services to confirm if this deadly substance is present in your house or business premises. Our asbestos inspectors are licensed and experienced which means they do their job with a high degree of accuracy always keeping your safety (and their own) in mind.

Latest Techniques for Asbestos Testing

Asbestos has been classified as a known human carcinogen (a substance that causes cancer) by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the EPA, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The longer you’re exposed the bigger the risk. Asbestos Environmental Canada uses the latest asbestos testing equipment and procedures to determine the extent of your problem. We also determine appropriate next steps.

Why choose Aura Restoration services for residential or commercial asbestos testing?

Prolonged exposure to asbestos has been linked to serious illnesses like lung cancer, Asbestosis (scarring of the lungs), Asbestosis Pleural Disease (a non-malignant disease that causes scarring of the thin membranes lining the lung and chest) and Mesothelioma (a rare cancer of the lining of the chest or abdominal cavity). The only way to detect its presence is through asbestos testing by certified inspectors.

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