Radon Testing

Health Canada recommends that everyone test their homes for lung cancer causing radon gas.  It is important to conduct a radon test of your home and have a radon mitigation system installed should your levels be high.  

There are three different guidance’s for a mitigation decision.

Health Canada’s cross Canada survey concluded that 7% of all homes are exposed to elevated levels of radon above 200 Bq/m3. You may be part of that percentage.  All homes (old and new, large and small) have the possibility of being high in radon. A neighbours low test result does not mean that your home is at low levels.  

Reduce your risk level by conducting a radon test.

Radon testing is broken down into 2 different types of tests;  long and short term. Long term testing is longer than 90 days. Short term testing is from 2 to 90 days with closed house conditions. Typically this is a two day test with closed house conditions.

Health Canada recommends that no mitigation decision be made without a long term test. In the USA short term testing is the standard that mitigation decisions are based on.

Many of our clients choose to conduct short term tests to see if they have an extremely elevated level and we recommend that they conduct longer term testing during the winter months if levels are moderately high 70 Bq/m3 -250 Bq/m3.

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